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All the Government Departments of Pakistan Employees Male and Female incorporate specialists, instructors, work holders, elevated level officials and youngsters agents of universities and schools staff need to download the compensation slips then the Govt. of Pakistan Finance office has a brilliant open door for the entire Male and Female representatives to get their Monthly pay rol and pay slips online at pifra site just way I will inform you concerning the total strategy how might you apply for a compensation roll and pay slip online under the beneath check it pifra pay slip

Pursue the

Data Needs for getting the Online Salary Slips:

Territory (Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, Sarhad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

The Employee Should be an individual from Govt. Offices

The Employees has a Personal Number

Complete Name

New CNIC Number

DOB, Date of Birth

Portable Number

Hurray or Gmail Email Address


Free Download Online Pifra Payroll Salary

The most effective method to Email Register Online Salary Slip of Government Employees

Arrangement 1:-

Open the

Right off the bat You Click the Email Registration Form

Instructors Salary Pay Slip Online Downl

Arrangement 2:-

Round out the full structure, structure filling directions read it cautiously.

Male Female Govt Employees Salary Slips Download

Select the your own data like

F = Federal, N = KP Govt, S = Sindh,

B = Balochistan, P = Punjab, DGP = District Govt Punjab,

K = Kashmir, GB = Gilgit-Baltistan, GBC = GB Council,

C = Kashmir Council

Online Pifra Salary Pay Roll Sign Up

Select whose class where you are working and type in Government Code box S=Sindh for example

Supplement the Employee’s Personnel No in next box.

Furthermore, next Enter Your CNIC Number (National Identity Card No) recollects just New NIC number enters alright.

After the Date of Birth enters in the following cell group I will clarify it in the image you can check it like 03.03.1987 alright.

Portable Number enters basically and squeezes this catch I will give you under.

By what means Can make compensation slip online pifra

Next page show up in your screen at that point type your right email address cautiously multiple times and press enter in your console catch and on the off chance that you fill the structure right, at that point sms will be gotten your register telephone number and one month from now your compensation slip incorporate all remittances subtleties like Medical, house lease, crisis, annuity, pay rol and reserve subtleties diagrams send you by the Pifra in your enrolled email address each month in this shape..

Presently you have total the entire system or criteria to pursue Pifra Pay Rol Salary Slip Online and getting the Government Employees (Sarkari Mulazmeen, Mulazmin) Registration online Pay Slip by means of email address on month to month premise and after that you can login your Gmail or Yahoo ID and jump on every month your compensation slip all the compensation stipends subtleties, financial balances, Pension, pay rol, restorative, house, crisis and different recompenses subtleties of all divisions commencement you can check effectively in PDF File to open this for required the Adobe Acrobat Reader to introduce your PC and see it.

Government Employees Salary Online Create Account

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