Happy Birthday eCards & Greeting Cards

You are old enough to pay for the fantastic things and still young enough to appreciate it”Nowadays, we’re observing the amazing [girl ] you’re, honoring the life you have lived and, like always, loving you !”

Cards unique to those birthdays will free funny ecards the era number prominently within their style, however you can create any card a landmark card (or some other birthday a landmark birthday) by composing that shiny new era number somewhere on your own personal message.

Sharing a laugh at a humorous birthday card is a fantastic way to customize a card for someone who you understand well. Wisecracks about becoming old, jokes regarding over-indulging, gags about presents (or the absence thereof)–are great possibilities for messages that are funny.


    • “From among your preferred bad affects” (Additional after the card published”Happy Birthday”)
    • “Hope it is happier than me in a shoe purchase!” (or: spa, pub, coffee shop, shore.)
    • “You become the middle of attention now! Tomorrow it is back .

Or 2!” (Orsubstitute receiver’s preferred drink.)

    • “I feel that is the year you receive a pony! JK That is not.”
    • “May the cake calories move right to your breasts!
    • “Dibs about the gifts you do not enjoy!”
    • “You absolutely do not look like crap in any way!”
    • “I hope all of your wishes come true, even the odd ones”
    • “Sorry there is no cash in here”
    • “Please prevent aging gracefully. It is getting kind of dull and predictable.”
    • “Enjoy a fantastic evening, you old geezer!

Writing Tip: Attempt to sound like speaking. It is OK and it’s, for example, more private and the individual can sort of hear you speaking and from that point, it is possible to consult with something humorous that happened and they will laugh as, for example, it totally reminds them all if the funny thing occurred!